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Since it’s founding in 1999, R&T has been a global leader in the plumbing industry. We design, develop and manufacture innovative toilet tank fittings, toilet seats, concealed cisterns, wall hung tanks that promote and encourage the wise use of the world’s water resources in toilets and sanitary ware.

R&T products maintain eleven international government code certifications throughout the world to independently assure our quality and performance.

At R&T, we are continually innovating and improving our products by listening to our customers in order to ultimately deliver to them superior quality.

A specialized production staff as well as a dedicated research and development team supports the organization, which has produced many innovated designs and numerous patents.

Combined with rigorous product testing, ongoing production quality processes and first-rate customer care, our customers and end-users can be assured receiving the absolute best quality finished product.

We work closely with ceramic manufacturers and develop integrated solutions to meet ceramic manufacturers’ requirements.

Our core mission is to provide the “best in class” plumbing products and services to our customers worldwide

R&T PLUMBING TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. TEL:(86)592-6539788 FAX:(86)592-6539723
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