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Xiamen TV Visits R&T’s Intelligent Manufacture Line







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Xiamen TV Visits R&T’s Intelligent Manufacture Line

The Journalists from Xiamen TV are very impressed by the high-end manufacturing level in R&T’s factory. R&T achieves the upgrading and transformation from “Made in China” to “Intelligent Manufacturing in China”.

We often get the impression from TV that crowds of workers are doing their jobs in full swing in the factories. While we can see the difference from Journalists’ faces when they enter R&T’s workshops:

Six intelligent forklifts are loading goods in order instead of truck men to save labor cost; Intelligent induction system makes forklift stop if people stand in front of it to ensure human safety.

The scale of automatic production line and intelligent production line only need several intelligent robots to cooperate to achieve precise production and guarantee good quality of each product.

The Intelligent assembly can finish assembly easily in one second to improve assembly efficiency.

More and more robots will show up in R&T to take on jobs through Internet grafting and Cloud Computing under the guidance of “Made in China 2025” plan. The president of R&T says, ”Intelligent manufacture is the trend in future manufacturing industry along with rising labor cost, we should grasp this trend to keep going further in future. R&T will invest 70 million RMB to the project of “ Robots taking place of labor“.

R&T will expedite the intellectualization process to achieve transformation from “made in R&T” to “Intelligent Manufacturing in R&T”. Let’s see what differences will happen in R&T!


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